Bedknobs, No Broomsticks

I am still in awe saying this: we have a bed frame. “So what?” you may ask, and I’d understand. Who doesn’t? But this is a monumental moment in our standard of living. We have, for the past 11 years, gone without, placing our box spring and mattress directly on the floor. Yep, that’s our entire marriage of our room looking like a college dorm, only worse because we didn’t even put the thing on a metal frame. Needless to say, I never liked spending time in our bedroom. It made me sad.

But before you go feeling too sorry for me, I’ll admit that we probably could have changed the situation a long time ago but didn’t. We held out for two reasons: 1) it wasn’t really a priority– we wanted to travel, buy a new computer, buy a Vitamix, etc. more than spruce up our functional, though ugly, room and 2) we didn’t want to have to move a real piece of furniture during our transient years.

Now that we know we’ll be here for at least 4 more years, we finally decided enough was enough and bought ourselves something that makes me smile when I peek inside the doorway.


In other furnishing news, Warren outgrew his race car toddler bed so we bought a bunk bed.


He is in heaven. Not only does he love sleeping on the top bunk, but the space underneath is big enough to make into a fort or hide away. It’s the most versatile piece we’ve ever purchased. It’s a train, a boat, a car, a plane, a store. And you thought they were just for sleeping. Silly.

8 thoughts on “Bedknobs, No Broomsticks”

  1. I think it’s beautiful too, and oh-so-Spraguish… did I just make up a really awesome word?? I think when Maya outgrows her toddler bed we’ll have to spring for a bunk bed too, every kid’s dream bed!

  2. We at least have a metal frame, but I’ll agree with you that the master bedroom is the saddest part of the house. And the rest of the house is pretty sad, so you can imagine how utterly depressed our room is.

    In other news, we found a house to rent! We’re moving next week. I’m excited to keep up with [you guys]…

  3. We are currently in the “mattress sitting on the floor” period of life. I hope it doesn’t take us 11 years to move out of that stage!

  4. Yay! Congrats on your new purchase! We’re going on 6 years without a frame, and I think it’ll definitely be a couple more before it happens. We’ll see!

  5. Congrats! we’ve never had a headboard or footboard either and just last year got a frame to put our bed on…but I’m looking forward to someday having a SET like yours! It looks great!

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