Maddie ♥ Sweets


Like really loves them. Once she’s got a hold of a sugary treat she will not let go. But that’s where this love affair turns strange. She is ecstatic to be given something–be it a doughnut, cookie, churro–but hoards it rather than devours it. Maybe she thinks she’ll never again receive such goodness. Instead, she carries it around like a prized possession, just as giddy as can be. But she doesn’t actually eat it without a bit of force. We literally have to shove it in her mouth for her to take a bite. I know, we’re such mean parents forcing her to eat these sweets!

The worst is when she’s held it through the entire Costco trip and makes it out to the car with her uneaten goody. We don’t let her eat in the car seat so we’re forced to take it away until we get home. Not happy. Not. happy. at. all. You never knew she could scream so loud.

4 thoughts on “Maddie ♥ Sweets”

  1. That is hilarious! And yet, I think I may understand. One Christmas Dave gave me a gift certificate to Arby’s. Free Arby’s. No having to account for my spending. But every time I thought about eating there, I thought “Will I wish I had waited? What if I want Arby’s another day? Is this really the right time to eat unaccounted for Arby’s?” And so I waited. And waited. And waited. Until I think September. It’s just so hard to let go of the promise it provides…

  2. You know, Drew does that too, albeit maybe not to that extreme. He’ll get all excited we are giving him a treat and then he just holds it. Until someone else threatens to eat it, then he will gobble it down in one gulp. The kid eats JUST like his Daddy! (The one gulp part, not the waiting part.)

  3. I think the not eating in the car rule is hard to follow, although very smart. I need to implement it. Evan’s had a few coughing incidents after eating whatever that have made me think- if he starts choking, what would I do? — it’d take me so long to stop the car and take him out and then start doing the full on choking protocall- it’s scary!

    That’s funny that she doesn’t even eat it! She’s going to be good at the marshmellow test when she’s four! 🙂

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