La Basurera

Madeline has decided that she is a basurera, a garbage collector. Maybe more of a garbage depositor. She is absolutely fascinated by our kitchen garbage can. It sits out by the refrigerator in plain sight. Now that she is walking all over the place it has finally come to her attention, since it’s just at her height.


I feel like I have to be sneaky now when I use the can for fear of sparking her interest again. With just a squeak of the step pedal she comes running. A reminder that it’s there ready to receive any and all things she can find to deposit. The other day I found her trying to put her jammies inside. Who knows what we may have already lost.

Colin thought to turn it around and shove it in the corner, making it somewhat more difficult to access. But it’s only a matter of time before this persistent girl figures out how to open it from behind.

4 thoughts on “La Basurera”

  1. We’re in the thick of this phase too! (although not clever enough to call it ‘la basurera’ 🙂 The worst part, is that anytime something turns up missing, we have to assume it’s been taken out to the dumpster and that we’ll never see it again.

  2. How funny. Love it. My oldest was just learning to walk when she discovered the water cooler. She would toddle over and just let water run and run. We got the child proof spigots. That slowed her down for about a week. All of a sudden she would watch very intently the whole time you were getting water then she would go behind you and mess with it. Took her about too days to figure it out. Then when we had visitors over they could not figure how to get water. We would say give it to the toddler she will get it for you.

  3. The one upside I found to this phase is that there is an excuse when things go missing that my pack-rat older kids weren’t ready to part with yet!

  4. What is it with the trashcan? Is it just mysterious enough that it’s totally cool to these toddlers? I can’t thank Jeff enough now cause he chose our trash can a few years ago and it just happened to have a lock on it (I don’t think either of us knew when he first picked it), but now I use that lock all the time! Love it!

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