Mulch Diggums

We have a mole. And I’m not talking about the kind you find in the CTU on “24.”


Colin discovered some holes in our 6-month-old, sod-laid backyard. It could be a ground squirrel or other rodent, but we like to think that it’s one of those little sight-impaired critters causing havoc, like the character Mulch Diggums in Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl series. Hopefully, it’s not trying to steal riches from us like his namesake.

We understand that these vermin are extremely difficult to remove. This may prove challenging even for Colin. He plans to pull out the heavy artillary (i.e. poison) and exterminate at all costs. Something has got to be done before it destroys our entire lawn.

If only we had Jack Bauer.

3 thoughts on “Mulch Diggums”

  1. You know, I really don’t usually click on your links, but I love the Jack Bauer reference and wondered where you send people who aren’t familiar with him. Love it. But I have to wonder… Do you frequent this site often? 🙂

  2. Good luck to you guys! Moles have wreaked havoc since we’ve moved in. We have set traps but that is not working. Luke’s grandpa Bailey use to pump propane gas into the ground… (and we all thought that he dropped a match in it because that’s the type of guy he was) but he just covered it up and snuffed them dead. We are about to employ that tactic, but Luke wants to try the sonar things first. Once again, good luck!

  3. Joe waged all out war last year and NOTHING worked. We shooed him to the neighbors for a couple of months, but he’s back again. I’m with Eileen. I think the exhaust trick is the only one that I have heard of that consistently works. Good luck!

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