Can Somebody Please Tell Me…

Why I must fill out a deposit slip at my stupid bank when I’m performing the transaction with a real live person teller? I’m allowed to use the ATM outside without one, so why am I required to submit to their bureaucracy when I’m holding my baby and my other kid is hanging on the ropes which form the waiting line? Where’s the efficiency? Where’s the stream-lined banking? Where are the “greener” practices?

Or why our Kmart doesn’t have those rubber dividers available at the checkout conveyor belt? I’m asked EVERY TIME if the items following my order are mine or the person’s behind me. Curse our Target-less town!

And while I’m grumbling, gold stars to the person who can tell me why the following occur:

Bathroom stall doors that open inward? What person, no matter how skinny, can comfortably squeeze through them?

Why companies have to change the “c” to a “k” in a perfectly legitimate alliteration? Why do you need to do it, Klean Kanteen?

Public bathrooms don’t always dispense feminine products? I’ll pay the 25 cents!

A bad odor can completely knock out a nice smell with little effort, while a strong pleasant smell barely makes a dent when something reeks?

Why the stickers placed on fruit and veggies are nigh unto impossible to remove and leave a residue? I’m not paying to eat glue.

===End rant===

Sorry. It’s been one of those days.

5 thoughts on “Can Somebody Please Tell Me…”

  1. Wow!! I am laughing out loud… Hold on, still laughing… Okay, I have absolutely no answers for you. I think the bank one just has to do with nobody looking at the process flow objectively and sticking with what they have always done, like splitting the meat loaf into two pans because that’s how grandma did it. Why do the bathroom stall doors open in? Maybe it’s so as not to hit the people waiting in line, since you only open the stall door into yourself unless it’s empty. But the handicap bathroom door always opens out… I think that one is a safety issue, I’m sure of it.

  2. I don’t know much about stall doors, but let’s say:

    (1) you’re in an airport

    and (2) you choose use the handicap stall that’s nice and roomy, where the door opens out (as Christy noticed) but is also really far away from the primary object

    and (3) your carry-on luggage, which of course is never worth it’s weight (or the $25 you should have paid to check it) when you’re shoving it into the overheard bin that is designed seventeen millimeters smaller than the maximum size restriction…

    anyway (3 still) if you’re in that stall and the weighty luggage falls against the door that opens out

    and (4) said door pops open (and incidentally is also about 3 feet from your arm’s length)

    then (5) you’re going to spend the next few (very public) moments really wishing that you’d squeezed into the small space and through the annoying door.

    Just postulating… (I’ve been traveling too much)

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