Goodbye, Grandpa Russ

My maternal grandfather died today. It wasn’t unexpected since he was nearly 90. But the feelings of loss always take you by surprise.

Maddie and I will be flying out to Florida tomorrow to say goodbye. Not the family reunion trip that I would have wanted, but at least I’ll have the opportunity to visit with my aunt and uncles for a short time.

Grandpa, I’m glad I knew you. You were a real ornery curmudgeon at times, but you were always good to me. I’ve never forgotten how you treated me to sticky buns on Saturday mornings, or how you’d fly us out to spend a whole month with you and Grandma at your beach house, or how you’d play the piano like it filled you with life. It’s because of you that I love roller coasters so much, and playing pool. You let me drive my first vehicle (a golf cart) at 12 and I could not have felt more cool. I remember how you looked at me with pride when I told you I was going out for swim team. Your approval always meant so much to me. I loved all the stories you told and how much you’d seen and traveled and done.

I’ll miss you, but I’m glad you’re with Grandma now. I know you are too.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Grandpa Russ”

  1. What a sweet message. I’m sorry for your loss, and I’m happy that you get to be with youf family- what a blessing!

  2. I love this post–probably because you used the phrase “ornery curmudgeon” in such a loving way.

    My condolences—I am glad you feel peace about this. I am sure the funeral will bring up several wonderful memories.

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