There and Back Again

Maddie and I successfully traveled to Florida and back. It was her first time in an airplane. It went surprisingly well. Prayer and a priesthood blessing from Colin really helped her to endure the rigors of travel, with all its crazy adjustments to her normal schedule.

This was one of the more stressful trips that I’ve taken in my life. Aside from worrying about Maddie’s decibel level while on the plane and about finding my way around a town that I hadn’t seen in 10 years, the nature of the visit was not exactly pleasant. I am nothing if not sentimental and nostalgic to a fault, so I was more than weepy as I sifted through the contents of my grandparent’s home. Their lives suddenly became the collection of their personal effects. A necklace I remember Grandma wearing every day. Some coffee mug that Grandpa would sip his morning cup from. Things are just things, but the emotional attachment is stronger than I realized.

I am very glad that I went, but I learned some things that tore at my heart and discovered some long-standing opinions that make family relations difficult. No one’s family is perfect. I just have to keep that in mind.

In the end, I want to remember my grandparents well. I will look back on my life with them with fondness. And now I’ll seek to rebuild bridges where some have fallen and form others where none were even planned.

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