The End of a Long Week

Traveling cross-country with a baby, returning to LAX the next morning to pick up my luggage that was 2 hours behind me, a Relief Society Super Saturday of craft making, a wedding 2 hours away that same Saturday, singing in Sacrament meeting on Sunday… There wasn’t much more I could give at the end of that week.

I came home from church completely exhausted and drained of any motivation to keep going. I realized too late that we were slowly running out of food options and I still had two meals left to go in the week. Not that it would have mattered if we were well-stocked since I wouldn’t have had the gumption to carry out making something worthwhile anyway. Nor would I have made my perfectly capable and wonderful husband, who had been carrying the domestic load for most of the week, fire anything up. We both needed a break. So when we walked in the door after three hours of meetings plus the additional hour for choir practice, I knew lunch had to be fast. Like instant. I looked around the kitchen briefly and my gaze settled on the bag of assorted candies that I took home from the wedding the previous night. Gummy bears, chocolate covered almonds, and a gigantic yellow lollipop caught my eye. Suddenly Warren’s desires mirrored my own.

“Mom, can we just eat candy?”

There was, sadly, only a brief hesitation.

“Yeah, sure.”

Yes, you read that correctly. I fed my family candy for lunch. But it’s OK because I rounded it out with a small carton of Yoplait and some fresh strawberries.

I don’t think a meal has ever come off so successfully. No preparation and minimal clean-up. Dinner may have been similar had we not polished off most of the goods that afternoon.

Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

3 thoughts on “The End of a Long Week”

  1. I am laughing so hard. Which is really saying something since you already told me about this. But reading it makes it so much funnier again!!

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