Dessert Contest Loss

I’m out. I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time but have been otherwise occupied with other events. I made it to the final four, but I was no match for Katie’s culinary prowess.

In May of last year, our friends hosted a dessert competition where all were invited to enter a goody of their choice. Those who didn’t compete, as well as those submitting, were asked to sample and vote for their favorites. It became more of a baker’s competition, since we were required to enter different desserts with each advancement in the tournament. And we’re not talking rice crispy treats here. Competitors went all out. Among many delectables, we had decadent cream puffs with powdered sugar and chocolate drizzle, baklava, and a tres leches cake. This was serious, people.

I’m sad to say that I have no pictures of any of my dessert entries. I guess I never took the time to snap one before they were sampled. But I’ll share with you my selections so that you can know what flavors were crowd-pleasers as well as the one that didn’t make the cut:

What a blast to be able to sample delicious entries and chat with good friends. It was an all around great idea. Thanks, Lee, for letting me be a part of your great dessert competition. Props to Katie, the winner of the whole shebang!

3 thoughts on “Dessert Contest Loss”

  1. I can’t believe you lost with the Stout Cake!! So, what did Katie make that beat yours?? Will she share her recipe??

  2. It was so fun, thanks for this post Jeannie!! We loved it and only regret that we didn’t have you for the final night.

    We were thinking of doing one last night to present an award to the winner so stay tuned!

  3. That lemon bundt cake was my favorite dessert of the entire competition. I am seriously mortified that I beat you.

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