The Buzz

Since Warren sweats like a mad man and summer is fast approaching, we decided to cut his hair. I have mixed feelings about buzzing it so short. I love the way he looks in both styles, but he certainly looks like a different kid. I always miss his long surfer locks, but his super short fuzz makes it fun to touch his head. I wind up kissing his forehead probably more than he likes. I also enjoy rubbing it like a Buddha, too.


And Colin’s hair looks great either way so why not shear his off while we’re at it.


Besides, this ‘do makes perfect sense with warmer weather.


Two buzz heads ready for the season. I love my bald boys.

6 thoughts on “The Buzz”

  1. So why is it that mad man sweat more? Is there any research linking psychological states to amounts of perspiration?

    You have cute bald men. 🙂

  2. I was waiting to scroll down and see a third set of photos with you as the third baldy, and and final set with Maddie joining the crew. Oh well, maybe next time. Or, more likely, maybe on my blog instead of yours.

    1. Krissie, your comment made me laugh out loud!! No, not especially after I’ve been painstakingly growing it out for 9 months. And for those of you who don’t know, Krissie set the example last year, sporting the baldy chic look. But, sadly, I am not that cool and could NEVER pull it off with such class!

  3. Okay you TOTALLY should have warned me about this!! You know how I feel about hair getting chopped! Colin looks great. Renny is cute too, but please bring the surfer back for winter!!!

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