Happy Baby Words


Happy Baby Words” was a book we picked up for Warren when he was Maddie’s age. He loved it then and she loves it now. Loves it so much that she often carries it around the house with her. She can identify every picture by pointing, even though she can’t really say the words yet.

This book has saved my life. Literally. When we were on the plane to Florida, she gripped it tight during the take off and fell asleep in my lap just because she could hold onto it. A little piece of home and familiarity right in her hands.

All of a sudden she enjoys sitting down to read with me. Before, it was like pulling teeth. I guess she was too busy turning pages to listen to the story in its entirety. Now she can’t get enough.

Her other favorite books include, “Old Hat/New Hat” and the ever-popular, “Goodnight, Moon.” She also loves hearing the nursery rhymes we have in a condensed copy of Mother Goose. We read these books over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over… All in one day.

I love that she has preferences.

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  1. We have that baby words book too…although Evan’s not as attached:) Cute that she clutches it tight and knows every object! She is just darling. I love her.

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