Good Moses!

One of my favorite shouts of exclamation is, “Good Moses!” second only to the even more astonished, “Sweet fancy Moses!” reserved for the more urgent moments of incredulity. I don’t use them as frequently as our good friend, Rachael, but the former makes a regular appearance in my everyday dialogue.

The other day, Warren and I had a discussion about taking the Lord’s name in vain.

“Do you know what ‘in vain’ means?” I asked Warren after nixing a song on the radio for doing just that.

“No,” he replied in pure, 5-year-old innocence.

“It means that you’re not respecting Heavenly Father’s name. Or Jesus’ name. Some people think it’s OK to say, ‘Oh my G-D,’ when they’re mad or upset,” I told him in frankness. “We should only use Their names for good. To show Them we love Them.”

“Oh,” he said, and buried his nose back into the Calvin & Hobbes book he was perusing. Lesson learned, filed away, end of story.

A few days later, I was sitting with Warren at Kelley and Ben’s table eating lunch. He had just issued the 5th complaint over the delicious and lovingly prepared, albeit foreign meal when I could no longer stand his grumpy interjections. I stepped in to shut him down.

“Good Moses, child! You need to stop complaining and just be grateful for what you’ve been given,” I said with impatience.

“You shouldn’t say that, Mama. Moses was a prophet!” Warren declared.

Smack! Lesson learned, easily accessible, ready to dispense at any given moment.

“You’re right,” I said, greatly humbled. “That’s not using his name with respect, is it? I don’t think I’ll say that anymore.”

I still think it’s a humorous phrase but you won’t catch me saying it anymore. I won’t be offended if you use it, but just know that Warren might call you out if you do!

7 thoughts on “Good Moses!”

  1. Lindee told me the same thing. I am also not allowed Holy Hannah. Creative swearing sure gets tough with censorship from kids under 16.

  2. That is something I’ve been thinking about lately too. Although, what I say is “Holy Mackerel!” There’s probably nothing that bad about saying it, but it does sound a little strange when my girls copy me.

  3. That is AWESOME!! I love how he really internalizes and applies what you teach him. (You should have referenced the “names of Christ” post on this one, that’s my favorite!) Although I will say I am GREATLY disappointed that Lindee doesn’t let Tami say “Holy Hannah”. That’s my favorite. Hmmm… And I’m pretty sure there will be some objection to “For Pete’s sake!” I guess the carrots and rhubarb will have to do…

  4. I frequent the phrase “Sweet Georgia Brown” or just the occasional (and exasperated) “Georgia”. Try that one on for size.


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