Full Circle

After playgroup today, we walked over to the park where Colin plays his lunchtime pick-up soccer game. He’s been playing at this park with the same guys on the same days of the week for the last 4 years. Four years. That’s how long we’ve lived here already. I can hardly believe how quickly that time has passed.

We hadn’t been in a long time since the game starts right when Maddie is getting ready for her nap, but it used to be a regular outing for us. When I first started bringing Renny to that soccer park to watch Colin play he was about Maddie’s age– 18 months old. He could barely lift his little legs up to sit on the silly rocking frog (not horse– that would be too predictable, I guess) and didn’t know how to put a foothold on the stirrup. The tire swing seemed too large and unmanageable for him to climb into or maneuver. I had to lift him up on the teeter totter and gently bounce him as I helped him hold on to the handle. A big kid, who was five years old and full of spunk and energy, kept jumping off the middle portion of the see-saw as Warren observed in complete awe and admiration.

Today I watched all that happen again, but it was Maddie who was the little one struggling to use the playground toys while Warren was the 5-year-old happily showing her how.

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