Inner Beauty

Warren has a habit of bringing up random subjects from the back seat of the car. Stuff he’s been pondering for awhile and suddenly feels the need to share with me. It’s one of my favorite parts of driving with the kids.

“Mama, do you know who my favorite character is in Curious George? Nurse Carol.”

“Oh really?” I queried. This was news to me. I couldn’t wait to hear more about it. “Why’s that, bub?”

“Because she’s really pretty. And young,” he said in a dreamy sort of voice.

I couldn’t help but giggle. Occasionally, he mentions such fancies, but it’s rare. I decided to probe further.

“She helps people, right? Because she’s a nurse. Do you also like her because she’s nice?” I wanted to know. His affirmative answer gave me some hope that the attraction ran deeper than youthful appearance. He thought for a moment and then expanded.

“Mom, all people that are pretty are nice, too, right?”

Oh, a hard lesson to learn.

“No, son. Not all people that are pretty are nice. And not all people who aren’t so pretty are mean,” I explained. “Sometimes how they are on the outside is different from what they are on the inside. It just depends.”

“Yeah, like some people can look like a mean, bad pirate but can really be nice inside,” he observed.

Exactly, son. Exactly.

5 thoughts on “Inner Beauty”

  1. That is adorable! Way to take the opportunity to teach that to him early! Hopefully he’ll remember when those “mean girls” in school turn his head:)

  2. Hilariouse! He must have picked up that last tidbit from Colin. I seem to recall a pirate picture in his Buzz history.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the way Warren internalizes these lessons! Way to apply it to real life, buddy! Just like pirates. Ah, I love Jack Sparrow.

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