Little Miss Independence


If I haven’t made it clear before, this girl is stubborn. If she wants to do something, she goes for it at all costs.

For instance, she no longer allows me to brush her teeth for her. She must do it herself. If I try to help her in any way she screeches. She clamps her mouth shut. She turns her head in protest.

Rather than fight her, though her rebellious streak worries me, I’ve decided to let her take full rein and do it herself. Nothing like a self-sufficient kid. Let’s just hope this practice doesn’t introduce her to the world of cavities.

The jammies she’s wearing is part of a Carter’s brand set that says, “Little Miss Independence.” Indeed.

3 thoughts on “Little Miss Independence”

  1. WARNING: This comment contains unsolicited parenting advice.

    The son-of-a-dentist in me cries out at this: Children canNOT effectively brush their own teeth until the age of 8. I went thru this power struggle with my own Dad as a kid, as did Marielle. In both cases it was just a phase that required parents to be parents and make choices that kids don’t like, but learn to live with.

  2. Hahaha, I am totally laughing about this post! Anika is very much like this. But we’ve come to a compromise. She gets to brush for as long as she wants, and then it’s Mama’s turn. She is usually pretty good about it. She likes to “eeee” and “aahhh”. Most days anyway. This morning after the “eee” she was done. And I decided to skip the fight…

  3. I am 28 years old and my mom still takes credit EVERY time I go to the dentist that there are no cavities. She tells ‘fondly’ of having my dad pin down all of my limbs and then she would brush as quickly as they could before someone called Child Protective Services. Good luck, and good bragging rights for the next thirty years…

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