Follow the Prophet


Maddie absolutely loves looking at the cover of this General Conference issue of the Ensign.


She’ll carry it around with her and plop herself down nearby to demand that we identify the prophet and his adorable wife, who we rarely see pictured. “What’s that?!” she shouts as she points to President and Sister Monson.

This edition is so well-loved that the bulk of the magazine has now fallen out of the cover. We all should pay such attention to it.

2 thoughts on “Follow the Prophet”

  1. How sweet! The things we learn from our children….it’s always the small and simple things that will help us get to the next phase. Thanks for the reminder Jeannie (Maddie);-)

  2. I’m always amazed at how little kids can feel drawn to those things they might not understand, but that bring the Spirit. What a great testimony that our prophet is a man of God who will help us be happy.

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