Let’s Do Some Science!


That’s what Warren shouted with enthusiasm the other day. He has fallen in love with my rubber kitchen gloves and is constantly looking for excuses to use them. He scrounged up these painter’s goggles from the garage and asked what we could do to put them to use.

Naturally I turned to baking soda and vinegar. We took it to the backyard and jumped into the wide world of chemistry. We talked about bases and acids. I had him make predictions. We watched the reaction in all its bubbling glory.

A scientist in the making? As long as he can wear the gloves, chemistry is all right by him.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Do Some Science!”

  1. That is totally awesome. Why aren’t more kids doing this? Or perhaps a better question, why aren’t more parents doing this? Regardless, smart and lucky kid that Warren is. And he rocks those gloves and goggles with authority.

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