What Made My Day

The end of the day is a precious time for me. It means bedtime for the kids. As much as I love to be with them, when the sun begins to set I know need a break. So when they deviate from the going-to-bed plan, I get a little irked.

Most nights it’s a pretty fluid routine: clean up, jammies, teeth brushing and other bathroom needs, family prayer, scripture reading, story, lullaby, and kiss goodnight. The doors close and they are asleep soon after.

The last two nights have been a little more sketchy. Both kids have decided that the summer solstice requires later bedtimes. I’ve heard Maddie chatting away to herself until she remembers that she’s alone and wants company again and lets out a screech or two, while Warren has come out to tell me he can’t sleep at least 3 times.

This night, after he came out for the fourth time while ignoring my plea to return to bed, I knew it was time to put an end to his entreaties. While I wanted to remain irritated, I decided to be more patient. I paused from doing the dishes and knelt down to tell him I loved him and to say goodnight for good. I wrapped my arms around him and said that I never wanted to let go– something he’s heard me say before, to which he replied, “Then how would I go to school?”

“That would be tricky,” I answered. “And how would you do anything else if I never let go?” I joked. Could he still swim? Go down water slides? Play soccer? His giggles assured me that my plan was indeed ludicrous.

But then he smiled as his hug tightened around me a little more and said, “I don’t mind. That’s better anyway.”

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