The Scientists Club

After a fun-filled day at the SBNH museum, Warren’s passion for the world of discovery was heightened even more. He and his practically cousin, Seth, came home from the outing inspired to keep the flame alive by forming their own Science Club.

In case you’re interested in joining, here is the schedule of daily activities that second grader, Seth, penned for the occasion:


Notice the emphasis on technology. And that’s Karate on Wednesdays. You know, for the health, or maybe physiology aspect of the science world.

3 thoughts on “The Scientists Club”

  1. Substitute running for karate and I think you pretty much have Claron’s schedule. Maybe he should join the club or maybe be their leader. 🙂

  2. Whew! I’m glad that video games made the list. What would we have done if there were only 4 days in the week?

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