Soccer Camp

We told Warren that he could go to one summer camp of his choosing this year. Surprise, surprise he chose soccer. I suppose The World Cup games and Colin’s devotion to the sport had something to do with it. “Mama, I want to go to soccer camp this summer so I can learn tricks!” he announced with finality.


AYSO sponsored a camp led by a group of young men from the United Kingdom. Warren had Bradley for a full week of soccer games and silly drills. Those English guys must have brought their weather with them because every day was cloudy and gray. Didn’t seem to phase the kids, though. Warren had a blast running around, especially since his best friend, Justin, attended camp too. Even his skill level improved greatly in just 5 days. Top the whole thing off with a T-shirt signed by his coach and he was a happy camper.

2 thoughts on “Soccer Camp”

  1. After eating, sleeping, breathing World Cup with Jack, I kind of want to go to soccer camp myself!

    (I’m glad the UK could suspend their rivalry long enough to coach our youth)

  2. Glad he had so much fun. But what’s with him looking all tall and trim and less and less like a little boy?

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