Passport Photo Session


Photographing a 19-month-old for a passport picture is not easy. We took 45 pictures in all and only about 2 are usable. I remember a similar experience when we took Warren’s. He was about the same age as Maddie at the time.

All this in preparation for our big trip to Mexico in December!

(And, by the way, if you don’t have fancy photo editing software, or don’t want to take the time to use it, I found a great website that turns your digital snapshot into the correct passport photo dimensions in less than 5 minutes. Just save the image and print it at Costco. Super easy!)

4 thoughts on “Passport Photo Session”

  1. I love the block of all those shots together. Hilarious. Really captures the.. uh… unending nature of that moment.

  2. I remember taking Owen’s passport picture. He was about 1 week old, and he was wearing a shirt that says “I love mommy” (I’m sure he’ll love having that picture when he’s older). It was probably a bit easier to take a picture of a 1 week old lying down versus an active toddler! I think yours turned out cute.

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