Double Whammy

The Sunday seemed as normal as any other until Maddie woke up from her nap early. As I kissed her forehead, I knew. She had a fever. A fever means that we need to take her to the Emergency Room immediately to make sure that she doesn’t have an infection. Gut feeling told us that it was most likely a virus, but until she can tell us with words what is wrong, we can’t be too careful. Her asplenia and severe heart condition don’t allow us much room for error. So, off we went to the hospital at 3:30PM.

My good friend and the mom of Warren’s best buddy agreed to care for Warren until we finished our stint at the ER. Typical wait time is about 5 hours, after blood culture, urine culture, x-ray (which, thankfully, they didn’t do this time), and prophylactic IV anti-biotic are all completed. I don’t think I can emphasize enough how much Maddie detests the whole process or how incredibly loud she can be when protesting. It actually takes 4 able-bodied adults to pin her down for each test. This girl would fight to the death, if necessary, which is great in some ways because it means she is so strong, but is difficult in others because it makes the whole thing more traumatic. I hate that it has to be done. And I hate that she has to go through it each time. She knows right when we walk in the door and her screams begin before there is actual contact.


While we were waiting to hear the initial results, we got a phone call from Lyndsi. In the time that we had dropped him off at their house and Maddie had blown away 2 nurses with her ear-piercing cries, Warren had developed a fever, too. He was sitting on their couch completely lethargic and unable to eat the dinner they had so graciously been willing to share. By the time Colin picked him up at 8PM, he had thrown up on their driveway.

Two down. How many others would fall?

Thankfully, all tests (and Warren’s events of the evening) indicated that it was, indeed, a virus. We didn’t have to stay overnight and even got home before 10PM. And double thankfully, neither Colin nor I ever got sick. Some random viral strand that the kids had never built up immunities to but we had.

Unfortunately, a phone call the next day revealed that Warren’s best friend, Justin, didn’t escape so easily. Darn.

A million thanks, Lyndsi, for taking care of one sick baby while another one was taking out nurses right and left. You are incredible. I’m so sorry that we spread the viral wealth!

4 thoughts on “Double Whammy”

  1. Oh I am so relieved it was just a virus…I don’t like seeing that girl in a hospital gown!! Get well soon kiddos! Rest up Mommy…even though you’re not sick, I’m sure it feels that way with two sickies in tow.

  2. Oh dear! It’s scary enough when your child gets a fever, but with Maddie I’m sure your world stops spinning. I’m so glad to hear everything is okay. Thank goodness for friends like Lyndsi, and for good doctors (although, I imagine this is isn’t exactly going to help her stranger anxiety…)

  3. I love how spunky that girl is. All of your ER escapades make me very thankful for my much more minor baby doctor worries.

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