Cell Phone Contacts

Colin absolutely refuses to answer his cell phone while driving. Even before it was outlawed, he made the decision not to chat and drive. If it rings while he’s behind the wheel, he ignores it (such willpower!) or asks me to answer for him. Sure, he could activate the hands-free blue tooth speaker installed in our 4-Runner, but he doesn’t deem the convenience worthy of the extra power drain to his cell phone battery.

The other day we were all in the car running errands when his phone rang. He asked me to see who was calling. It was someone from church who I don’t know well. I told him I felt weird answering.

“Oh, come on,” he said, “I’d answer for you.”

“Yeah, but you know everyone who calls me on my cell,” I reminded him. “It’s usually the same people. There are really only a handful: Mom & Dad, Christy, Kelley, Julianna, your mom, Tami… It would never be strange for you to talk to them!”

Warren piped in from the back seat.

“Guess who calls me on my cell phone,” he said, referring to his hand-me-down defunct one that Colin donated to him as a toy.

“Who?” we both wanted to know.

“Well, Justin, Billy H., Seth H., Seth L., Laura L., and Evelyn (cousin)… and Dumbo (stuffed animal lovie)… and Dumbo’s whole family,” he answered with pride.

I definitely would not feel awkward answering Warren’s cell for him. Well, maybe if Dumbo called…

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  1. I have to admit, I don’t know that feeling. My husband is pretty convinced that he can text while driving. I have to keep reminding him of that Seven Pounds movie. 🙂 I think if I had to pick, I’d choose Colin’s philosophy.

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