Soccer Tournament

Colin plays soccer every Tuesday and Thursday during his lunch hour. (Salaried employees get the luxury of being project-based as opposed to adhering to “the clock.”) For the past four years he has played with pretty much the same guys week after week. One of them had the inside scoop on the soccer tournament fundraiser that UCSB puts on every summer. He recruited most of Colin’s informal weekday “team” to play. Colin was not going to miss this opportunity to play in a few real games. Warren, Maddie, and I went out to watch.

It’s awesome to see a bunch of 30+ and some 40+ guys out there playing with all they’ve got. No wins for his team, but it seemed like they enjoyed the effort.

Sometimes I get irritated that Colin takes time during the day to play when he could use that time to come home earlier. Mostly, it’s just jealousy since I don’t take time for myself like he so thoughtfully suggests I do. We all need something to call our own, to be proud of, and to enjoy.

As I stood on the sideline of that tournament game and listened to the encouragement and friendly teasing among long-time teammates, I realized how important this all is to Colin. How much he looks forward to not only the game time, but also to the interaction. I was proud of him and that he still loves to play so much, and does it so well. These men enjoy kicking the ball around together, engaging in friendly competition with people that they can call friends. How can I not support that?

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