The Long Goodbye

So, Katie is gone. Ingrid left this last weekend after an unexpected, yet welcomed delay. And did I mention that my friend and fellow vegetarian recipe connoisseur, Hilary, moved recently, too? Yeah. I’m feeling a little abandoned about now.

I realized that this is the first time in a long while where I was the one being left behind. The last time was when Tami moved across country to start life as a law school spouse about 8 years ago and the time before that was when Julianna moved away right before we started high school. Traumatic events, I assure you. After that, it was always me moving from those I loved (sorry Christy!) and starting over again in new towns and in new circumstances. Exciting for me, but hard on those remaining behind.

With the mass exodus of such wonderful friends this summer, I’ve been feeling a little down. I’ve realized how deeply friendships can reach into your soul and leave gaping holes when their everyday presence is gone. Life goes on despite their absence, but the activities that you enjoyed with them suddenly seem a little empty. You wait for time to make up the difference and bring new experiences to fill the gap.

It will be fine, of course. But I’ve been amazed to see just how much I’ve been affected.

The good news is that I’ve had opportunities to branch out more. I’ve suddenly remembered that there are other delightful people that are still here, ready to go on outings or engage in good conversation. People that I already like very much. All these goodbyes had me nearly forgetting.

Sometimes it takes change to remember that change can be good.

4 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye”

  1. While one part of me feels a little vindicated for all the tears you made me shed, I can’t help but feel so sad for you because I remember how miserable I was. I’m glad that it is helping you see other good friends who were right there. Although that last comment… still not sure I’m there yet :).

  2. I read this post twice. Thank you for the reminder that change can be good. Your great advice ALMOST makes up for the gaping hole you’ve left ME. 😉

  3. I’m sorry, Jeannie. I think I’m in the same boat again. My last friend is putting their house on the market. Are you sure this isn’t a good time to move back to Seattle? 🙂

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