The Chosen One

If the toy collection at your house is anything like ours, there are a bazillion stuffed animals that sit in a corner with nothing to do. Many kind-hearted individuals have given our children furry little creatures that mainly collect dust. Occasionally, some will be included in a mission to Mars, or a tea party, or an elaborate story that involves an iguana, an elephant, and penguin. They’re not entirely unloved but often underutilized.

But out of this random crop, one animal makes it’s way into the coveted spot of “childhood lovie.” The one stuffed toy that is indispensable and must be present at all nap times, unfamiliar situations, and moments of injury.

It literally happens overnight and without explanation. Warren adores his “Dumbo,” which was originally named “Horton,” and can’t remember when he didn’t have him by his side. Why it was singled out from all the others we have no idea.

The other day, Warren pulled out a small white cat from Maddie’s pile of animals shoved under her window and handed it to her. It must have been just what she’d been waiting for.

“KITTY!!” she squealed. The deal was done. She has chosen and it looks like “Kitty” is here to stay.


One thought on “The Chosen One”

  1. Jared carried a giraffe named Raffe around for a long time. I know what you mean about so many stuffed animals – I keep trying to get rid of a bunch of them, but they keep claiming some sentimental value. Alex still has a ratty stuffed dog from his childhood that is stashed out in the garage, and he won’t let me throw it away.

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