Word Count Addendum

Kelley brought it to my attention that I forgot to add “What’s THAT?!” or sometimes just “THAT?!” to Maddie’s list of spoken words. I don’t know how that slipped my mind considering it was her first real form of verbal communication.

And while we’re adding to the list, she’s already picked up a few more words since the last post. The count now stands at 26 with the following additions:

Happy: hap-ee
Puppy: pup-ee
Book: book
Apple: ap-ee
Please: peas
Oops: oops
Comida: da
Shoe: thew
Where did it go?: go?
Hi: Hi
Bye: byeeeeee

And the best one to-date,

Renny: R-r-nenny

We’d been trying to get her to say Renny for a long time, figuring it was easier to pronounce than “Warren.” To help her understand how the word starts, we’d begin with a few “rr-rr” sounds and then say “Renny.”  Seems she now believes that the name must be revved up to say properly.

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It’s one of those mispronounced words we’ll be sad to see corrected.

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