Hole in Warren’s Smile

It took us by surprise, but Warren lost his first baby tooth!

He was calmly eating a sandwich at Nana and Hotda’s house when he shouted, “Ouch! I just bit my tooth!”

We were all startled and thought it was an injury since we didn’t expect him to be losing teeth at age 5. He started crying and was pretty scared. As we all re-grouped and determined that he was indeed old enough, we calmed him down and reminded him that it was perfectly normal. Just part of growing up. A snow cone from the ice cream man helped, too.

As the day went on he became more excited by the idea. We read “Arthur’s Tooth” and reassured him that it this was something to look forward to. He was really getting to be a big kid. He began wiggling it incessantly.

The next day he showed everyone at church. All the kids in his Primary class seemed envious.

He wiggled it all day long. Sunday afternoon as he stood talking to us, he paused for a moment and put his hand to his mouth. The next thing we knew he was holding his tooth.

Bam. Just like that. Relatively no pain.


You are getting so big, Ren. Almost too fast for this mama to bear.

4 thoughts on “Hole in Warren’s Smile”

  1. Yay!! This is just around the corner for Jolie, and I’ve been looking for a role model to ease the anxiety. She will be gazing at this picture frequently!

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