Labor Day Boogie Boarding

We spent the “unofficial” last day of summer at the beach with Julianna, Danny, Seth, Laura, and Ryan. Since our summer weather never really did get off the ground this was a perfect way to spend the end of the season. One beach day like this with these good friends was almost enough to make up for an entire lost summer.

We finally got to put that Morey boogie board I bought at Costco last year to use. I highly suggest investing the $30 bucks for the real deal. It makes such a difference in the way you ride the surf. Not that I’m an expert, by any means, but I really do love it. The thrill of catching a huge wave just as it curls is unbeatable. I literally could have spent the whole day in the water, and that’s saying a lot considering the water wasn’t that warm. Luckily, the sun popped out in the late morning and stayed until we left at dinnertime which made the chilly waters bearable.

No pictures from the day because we were all too busy having fun. But I did take home a souvenir bruise thanks to the board’s velcro strap wrapping around my leg and yanking it down in a particularly nice wipe out. Colin’s ribs took a beating, as well, since they’re already hurting from some recent soccer injuries. Both Warren and Maddie tried out the board with parental assistance and liked it, probably because they came away unscathed (thank goodness).

But what a great time! We ate all the bad-for-you goodies we could get our hands on: mini pizza bagels, hot dogs, Sun Chips, Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, Buffalo Bleu Kettle Chips… Indeed it was a holiday. And by the end of the day none of the children wanted the fun to stop.

A little sandy, a lot tired, and really well-fed (thanks again for the delicious meal, Jules!), we ended the summer season on a boogie boarding high.

2 thoughts on “Labor Day Boogie Boarding”

  1. it was seriously one of my favorite beach days in all the history of time. i LOVED our fun day together in the waves. thanks so an awesome time!

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