The Awkward Stage

One year ago, I decided to grow out my hair. As I’ve said before, I’m fickle when it comes to my tresses. I love the short, short pixie ‘do, but it’s pricey to maintain. So, to the pure delight of my friend, Christy, I’m letting it go long again. For real this time.

But every time I try and do this, there is a period when I contemplate reversing my decision. It’s now, during the awkward stage.


Too long to pull off an easy fashionable style and too short to create any real hairdos, I can’t really do anything with my hair and it drives me crazy. My bangs aren’t long enough to pull into a true ponytail, so I wind up with a half that looks juvenile and kind of tacky. Or else, I have to pin my hair back and hope the shorter ends don’t flop down into my face. Bitter and frustrated by my lack of hairstyling know-how, I have resigned myself to this look until the stage passes.

I know I’m complaining about something ridiculously trivial and temporary. But it bugs. Especially when those slow-growing wispy pieces won’t stay back and wind up tickling my nose. It almost makes me want to cut it all off again, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m really trying to work on my spending habits and don’t want to include salon fees in my budget. Or for that unbreakable vow I made with Christy.

7 thoughts on “The Awkward Stage”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, it doesn’t look terribly awkward- but I can commisurate- I hate growing my hair out and getting it past that “ooh, if it were just a bit longer or shorter!” stage. Speaking of, when you talked about buzzing Warren’s head- does growing his out go through an awkward phase or are you able to style it to avoid it? I’m nervous for that when trying to grow Evan’s back out!

  2. Oh, I cannot adequately describe how my heart stopped beating and I stopped breathing for those few moments when I started reading this post! I mean, we all know what happens when you break an unbreakable vow, but still… I’m sorry and I know this is an awful stage. That’s about how short mine was when I cut it off to donate it in February. But remember that “all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.” I’m pretty sure bangs that won’t go back in a ponytail totally qualifies as the jaw of hell gaping after you…

  3. Hmmm, my awkward growing stage I did a body wave perm. That helped me. I just can’t see you with curly hair. However, getting a perm with shorter hair is a lot cheaper than having a ton of it.

  4. Think of how people feel who go through awkward hair stages, but don’t have a face as gorgeous as yours! Oh, and this might not be a good time to brag, but I found a girl here who cuts my hair in her family room for $10. Really well. Hopefully over time, that will make up for the all the $70 cuts I racked up in Santa Barbara.

  5. You should try getting a hair straightener… I know, sounds ridiculous for us with naturally “straight” hair. But,it really helps tame those bangs or weird hairs that like to flip in every direction. I really like mine. 🙂

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