General Conference Key Words

Thank goodness for the convenience of watching General Conference on the Internet from the comfort of our home. It means that we can sort of pay attention to the speakers without incessantly shushing the kids. As much.

But we want them to start paying attention to the talks. Colin devised a plan to help get them started.


M&Ms. We told Warren that we all could get an M&M for every word from this chart he heard the speaker say: Jesus, family, Priesthood, scriptures, prayer, gospel. Wouldn’t you know it, he noticed many of those words said. Repeatedly. Want to know the most used word? Jesus. The picture above shows the empty bowl turned upside down that once held the red M&Ms assigned to the word.

Call it bribery. I’m not beyond that. But it worked.

I love Conference. I walk away filled with a desire to be better. And today I walked away from the day’s sessions also filled with chocolate.

6 thoughts on “General Conference Key Words”

  1. We bribe, too! Our kiddos do the Bingo deal. Say what you will, my daughter sat and LISTENED for the entire day. Only one chocolate on the floor casualty.

  2. That is such a great idea! Sugar high he may be, but he definitely got the main idea I’m sure! I’m storing this one away for later:) Actually, maybe I should try it. I might get more out of it too…

  3. I loved the Conference word game!! I looked forward to General Conference just to play. Although we had to use beans (we ate too much candy) and then get candy when we won. I need to remember this for my kids.

  4. Jeannie!! (or should I say Colin?) Best idea EVER! I’m so sad I have to wait 6 months to try it out (I would take M&M’s to sacrament meeting for a test run, but as it would undoubtedly end in a humiliating mess/argument, I’d better wait until April….)

  5. Great idea. I’m totally going to use that when Ani is older. Have Colin think up a version of this that would work for a 2-year old, since she probably wouldn’t remember what six works she was listening for…

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