The Alphabet


Maddie cannot get enough of the alphabet. We sing the song about 10 times a day. This Dr. Seuss book is one of her favorites to read.

Warren’s kindergarten teacher has them sing the alphabet in a slightly different way than most have heard. I like it because it slows down the LMNO sequence by making the break at LMN, with the rest following. At the end they sing, “Now I never will forget how to sing the alphabet!” Maddie loves this version and sings the word “alphabet” with gusto.

She can’t recite the whole alphabet by herself, but she can copy me pretty well.

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Her favorite letter to screech is Z, if you couldn’t tell.

She also notices letters on signs everywhere we go. Yes, she’s pretty much obsessed with the ABCs.

5 thoughts on “The Alphabet”

  1. She has got some serious enthusiasm! If only Evan could hang out with her and some of her talking could rub off on him:) What a sweetie.

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