Stormy Days, Stormy Nights

The last few days have brought one rain storm after another. True autumn weather that makes you want to curl up with a good book and eat freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I’ve loved watching the clouds roll in, dump buckets of rain, and then whisk away before the next set hits. Ominous, heavy, fat clouds that fill up the sky, so dark and gray that you almost think night is approaching.

But not everyone here has enjoyed the storms to their fullest. As much as Warren loves to wear his rain boots and coat, and as much as he loves to use said clothing to run under dripping rain gutters and splash through puddles, he still does not like the sound of thunder. Maddie seems to take no notice of the rumble, but every little low boom and rattle sends Warren nearly to tears. The other night he crawled into our bed at 2AM when the rain was pelting hard and the crashing thunder was at its peak.

Despite his nighttime fears, he seems to do better during the day, especially while at school. On Tuesday, I just happened to be in his classroom with the 19 other five-year-olds to witness their responses to the heavy rain, lightning, and thunder pounding outside their door. Pandemonium, as you can imagine. He was one of the braver ones, believe it or not. I could tell he wasn’t thrilled by the sound but somehow being with his friends in the light of day made the thunderstorm bearable.

But tonight he had me check the weather twice before he went to bed. He wanted assurance that there would be no thunder. I couldn’t make any promises. He even came out to check when he mistook my drawer-closing during kitchen clean-up for booms of thunder. He has a way to go.

But I love this kind of weather. I’ll take every moment of roaring thunder I can get. And I’ll use that opportunity to cuddle my babies before they decide they’re too big to let me do it.

One thought on “Stormy Days, Stormy Nights”

  1. I think he is trying to tell you how safe he would feel if you all moved back up to the glorious pacific northwest. ;P

    I am glad he is getting over his fear, even if it is slowly.

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