Paper Airplanes


Like most other Kindergarten classes, Warren’s has a “circle time” where they begin the day sitting on the rug discussing the calendar and weather and other current events of the day. It also includes a time for kids to share items from home with the rest of the group.

The sharing rules are as follows: items must be 1) from nature, or 2) something they’re learning about that week, or 3) something they’ve made.

Warren has been interested in paper airplanes for some time now. He especially loves to use the Sacrament Meeting printed program to create one, though we don’t allow him to fly it in the chapel. One day he asked me to show him how to make them and got the basic technique down.

Out of nowhere, he decided to use his new-found talent to create not just a single plane to share but one to give to every kid in his class. Twenty airplanes made out of recycled mailers from the local grocery stores. He didn’t seem to mind at all that it took him 30 minutes to complete.

He did it all by himself. I didn’t help him fold at all, except later when I pressed the creases down so that the planes would hold their shape until morning. I didn’t want all that work to go to waste.

Something about this effort really touched me. My boy has a tender heart. Sometimes it can be a bit much to handle, but mostly it means I get to see thoughtful acts like this project.

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