Black and Blue

But thankfully not broken. Colin played his normal Tuesday lunchtime soccer game and wound up with a sweet ankle injury. It happened at the very end of the game, of course.


He returned to the office. Some ice and 800mg of Ibuprofen later it still looked pretty bad.

His co-worker and fellow soccer comrade drove him down the street to the clinic to get x-rays. The doctor ruled out any serious injuries– no breaks– and sent him on his merry way with an air cast. He told him to walk as normally as possible on his foot. Easier said than done.

Colin thinks it’s been about 15 years since he’s twisted his ankle this bad. Guess it was time for another incident. More war stories to share, I suppose.

Today it was feeling, if not looking, better. He even thinks he might bike home tomorrow. He’s no wuss, that’s for sure.

Let’s just hope that it heals completely before our trip to Mexico in December.

2 thoughts on “Black and Blue”

  1. Wow! That is impressive. Especially considering that Colin is not really a bruiser. Good luck on healing before the trip. Hopefully he’s a better healer after 30 than I am!

  2. Oooh, that brings back painful memories of spraining my ankle in high school – missed most of my senior year of soccer over it. Hopefully it will be a speedy recovery.

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