A Tree of Thanks


We have an abundance of things to be thankful for this year. Sure, we have a rat rotting in our bathroom wall, but so many other things in life are great blessings I don’t want to take for granted.

For Family Home Evening we made a Thankful Tree with leaves describing things we are thankful for right now. A small way to remember what is good in our lives.

I cut out all the leaves using this maple leaf pattern and modeled the tree design after this one. Warren was more than happy to gather a few sticks (one of his favorite pastimes) for the project.


We wrote down as many things as we could think of– everything from family, to the Savior, to school buses (Warren’s contribution).

Every time I look at this little tree I am mindful of the great things that make our lives so full.


7 thoughts on “A Tree of Thanks”

  1. Oh my, this looks almost identical to our Thankful Tree! I guess great minds think alike (or, surf the same idea blogs ;). I’m jealous of your leaves though – I was a little impatient when I was cutting mine out, and it totally shows.

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