Thanksgiving 4-miler


I did it. I ran the entire four miles without stopping. And it felt pretty good.

My time wasn’t stellar (42:50 as I crossed the finish line, though officially posted as 44:45 by the time they finally took my ticket). But it was a great experience. Now I know that I can actually do it. I can see now that I’ve not only been training myself physically but also mentally to persevere. Enduring to the end has taken on a whole new meaning.


It was a cold morning for my family to come out to support me. But they did. I know cold is a relative term. Yes, some of the country was experiencing snow storms, but for here 40 degrees is cold. So they bundled up and waited for me to run by them at Mile 2. It was just the motivation I needed to keep me going.

The event ended with a toddler/kid race which consisted of running around in a circle for a lap or two. Maddie wanted to participate but didn’t quite know what to do. It wasn’t until a kind stranger took her by the hand that she finally started to move. Both Warren and Maddie got a medal and T-shirt for their efforts. Both were quite proud.


Way back when I started training for this race, I came running around the corner to our street one morning and saw Warren standing on our front lawn waiting for me with huge smile. He waved at me and I knew at that moment that I was setting an example for him. I needed to be more physically fit, not just for my own benefit, but for his as well.

I think I’ve caught the racing bug. Anyone else want to run on New Year’s Day with me?

9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 4-miler”

  1. That’s awesome. I’m working back up my distance after 6 weeks of being sick/not having Paul here, and it feels good. I also like that I can run around with my kids now, which I literally couldn’t do before because I would get winded. Hoorah for us!

  2. All I’ve got to say is: Love it. You’re awesome. I want to run New Year’s with you! Too bad I’ll be a few states away.

  3. You rock! Congratulations! One of these days we should join and make up a team for the ronald mcdonald’s house yearly race!! 🙂

  4. Wow, I am so impressed! And way to represent with the Husky gear. Sadly, even if I were in Santa Barbara there is no way I would run that far…

  5. Way to go Jeannie! I agree that training physically also trains mentally. What an accomplishments. Seeing the husky sweatshirt made me so homesick. Great to see you and to see your new family members! Super huge congrats!!! Hope the adjustments are going ok.

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