Graffiti Artist?

We have a plethora of sidewalk chalk that litters our backyard. Besides using it on the ground, Warren often takes pieces and makes designs on the fence outside our kitchen door. It usually washes out during a rainstorm, so I don’t think much of it.

Maddie never took interest in the stuff before, but she’s clearly been observing the process. She picked up a piece and made her own artistic statement.


But this particular medium may prove problematic. Later I found her scribbling on both the kitchen and garage doors. The color remains even after a good Clorox Clean-Up scrubbing.

A budding graffiti artist? She seemed to take a little too much pleasure in defacing the fence.

And I just love her in these little shoes. I didn’t want to forget such tiny feet in such tiny pink sneakers.


3 thoughts on “Graffiti Artist?”

  1. Good luck. I have a friend here who had a decorated front door for months because that stuff doesn’t come off. 🙂 I do love the pink sneakers, though.

  2. I am ALL ABOUT the magic eraser. I’m pretty sure it really is magic. They just don’t want to admit Harry Potter is real so they came up with some scientific mumbo jumbo about why it works… She does look so happy defacing your property 🙂

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