Articles of Faith


Warren decided at the beginning of 2010 that he wanted to memorize all of the 13 Articles of Faith, basic beliefs that members of our church hold true. We decided that we’d work on it together, as a family.

Every Monday night for Family Home Evening, we worked on one of the articles. We used the songs from the Children’s Songbook to help us more easily remember the words and pictures from the Gospel Art Picture Kit to clarify some of the principles.

Warren took his goal seriously. Each month he passed off another article as he repeated it to one of the Primary leaders who would then give him a small treat for his efforts. He hardly ever needed assistance or prompting but really had the words memorized.

It took the entire year, but Warren did it. His chart on the door of the Primary closet was filled with 13 check marks. He was very pleased with himself. So were we.  He got to pick out his final prize which he declared would be watermelon-flavored bubble gum. His fantastic Primary President happily obliged.

I am grateful for these simple points of doctrine. Now I feel like I can more easily draw upon them when I need a straightforward way to express my beliefs. Perhaps Renny feels the same, as well.

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