Another ER Adventure


Maddie woke up with a fever. We knew it was going to be a long day.

Though we suspected it was only a virus, her 101 degree temperature didn’t allow us room to take any chances. Colin canceled his dentist appointment, drove Warren to school, and then took Maddie to the emergency room.

Meanwhile, I stayed home with Jakey and Joey and spent the morning dealing with Verizon and their convoluted automated system as I tried to make changes to both our home and cell phone lines. I suppose it served a purpose in distracting me from the events at the hospital that were beyond my control.

She came home completely exhausted from the awful battery of tests she always undergoes. Luckily, they felt confident it was not an infection but set her up with an anti-biotic just to be sure.

This poor little girl. Though she is strong in so many ways, and such a fighter, going to the hospital is always traumatic for her. I only hope that the frequency lessens as she gets older and is able to communicate her symptoms and needs more clearly.

3 thoughts on “Another ER Adventure”

  1. That picture makes me so sad. Poor girl. I can’t imagine how much you dread feeling her be the slightest bit warm and wondering if an ER visit is in the future. I’m glad it turned out to be just a virus though. She is going to be one TOUGH chica…if not already!

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