Naughty or Funny?


Whenever Maddie attempts something that is clearly forbidden (pounding on the computer keyboard, grabbing the knife left too close to the edge of the counter, climbing up on top of the piano, etc.) she responds to my scolding with the same comment:


I disagree. I tell her each time that her action is not funny but really naughty yet she persists.

She spends quite a few moments of the day in the “naughty spot” as of late. Two minutes a pop. More often it’s for more serious infractions such as biting, hitting, or pulling the hair of her older and much larger brother. She is clearly testing the limits and enjoys a good reaction. How will she ever stop when she evokes dramatics the likes of writhing on the ground in embellished pain and wails of “Maaa-DEEEE!” on a regular basis?

The good news is she doesn’t like sitting there and is starting to avoid it when given the choice. Most of the time, when I remind her that the naughty spot will be on her horizon if she [fill in the blank with any number of bad decisions], she aborts the plan. Or she tries a different tactic. Like how she starts waving her hand saying, “Bye bye, Mama!” as she attempts to divert my attention from the object of her forbidden intention.

This girl is tough. And a trifle mean at times. Sort of a sweet and sour complex where one minute she is kindly bringing me a needed item and the next she’s got her fingers ready to pinch the first person to cross her path. I suppose it’s a good thing considering she is now surrounded by three brothers who will likely out-size her by a couple feet and several pounds in the years to come. But the naughty acts are getting tiresome. I just hope we can channel her stubborn energy into good use.

I have to admit, when I’m at my wits’ end with her antics and she looks at me with those big brown eyes and whispers “funny,” it almost kind of is. Almost.


6 thoughts on “Naughty or Funny?”

  1. Mischevious little tots:) Evan tries to distract me from his plans too…he’ll often pretend he’s hurt all of a sudden to get some empathy. It’d be fun to see these two in action together (or scary) I’m sure they could get into real trouble together. By the way, that is one seriously cute naughty chair you have! 🙂

  2. This too will pass, just in time for you to get a double dose of it in the future. Remember that the fact that she is testing her boundaries means she is learning how she fits into the world around her and what is socially acceptable. Good luck!

  3. That was always my problem! With a dramatic older sibling, how can you blame them? Such power they hold in their little hands.

  4. I have LOVED catching up on your blog….I LOVE your whole family!! The antics of Warren and Maddie are ALWAYS fun to read!

  5. i often tell danny at the end of a challenging Ryan day that his cuteness was given to him as a defense mechanism. give that “funny” little lady a love from me.

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