Jacob & Joseph

Jake and Joe are genetically identical. But that doesn’t mean that they are exactly the same.

For instance, Joey is slower to smile but is better at sleeping through the night. Jake can’t keep his socks on for more than a minute but can soothe himself like a champ when he starts to get fussy.

Physically speaking, I can see where some would find them hard to tell apart, but to us they look quite distinct. (Of course, I can’t post any pictures here for you to decide for yourself. Maybe by the time the adoption is finalized their similarities or differences will be obvious.) But to make it easier on others we typically dress Jake in blue clothing and Joey in yellow, or any other color besides blue. Occasionally, I do like to indulge in true matching outfits, but mostly I prefer them to coordinate: same pants, different color tops of the same design. It doesn’t get much cuter than two babies complimenting each other in fashion.

But even with these differences in personality and appearance, they share some important things in common: they are absolutely adorable, sweet, mellow boys. Thank heaven, too, because I couldn’t imagine caring for two infants at the same time if even one were demanding and fussy.

It’s exciting to have two babies grow and develop at the same time before our eyes. Who knows what they will eventually look like or what their personalities will become. But one thing is for sure. They’ll always have each other. Built in buddies. The best part about twins, in my opinion…

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  1. I LOVE that picture! My friend with twins said the same thing about a built-in friend. Which is eventually supposed to make it much easier than just one. If you can make it through the early years. 🙂

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