The Twin Adjustment

Everyone, understandably, wants to know what life is like with four children under the age of six. More importantly, though, how it feels when two of those children are infant twins. Everyone asks how I do it. The truth is I don’t know. I just do it. But if I stop to think about it, I realize there are definite blessings that make it work and difficulties that have altered normal functioning.


  • An amazing husband who often carries more than his share of the load
  • Mellow baby boys
  • 3 kids nap at 2PM for a good two hours every day
  • Colin’s flexible work schedule
  • All four kids go to bed at 7pm
  • Double strollers
  • Maddie loves her baby brothers
  • My good helper, Renny


  • Being slaves to the Kindergarten schedule– makes napping and feeding times tricky, to put it mildly
  • Grocery shopping– can only be done in the evenings or Saturdays now
  • Getting out the door to go anywhere
  • Dealing with Maddie, the feisty 2-year-old who frequents the “naughty spot,” during feeding time, a diaper change, trying to pick up Renny from school…
  • Too many kids and not enough hands at dinnertime
  • Being in a constant state of fatigue– this time around I have to get up with Colin in the middle of the night or else he’d be out-numbered
  • Maddie loves her baby brothers– yes, both a blessing and a difficulty since she wants to help and show them affection but it often means way too much, like in the form of climbing on, poking, and patting with great vigor her helpless brothers
  • Any type of correspondence occurring in a timely manner is pretty much non-existent (e.g. maintaining this blog…)
  • Laundry– mounds and mounds and mounds of laundry that cannot be controlled
  • Feeding two hungry babies at the same time

Some days those difficulties feel like they outweigh the blessings. But in reality, the blessings are what allow me to function at all. Especially the first one. I’m so grateful for a loving husband who continues to find the humor in the situation.

Having twins rocks your world, in both good and bad ways. But what an adventure! As we continue to work through the transitions, and as the boys get older, we’ll figure out ways to minimize the insanity. Right now, we’ll pray that the feelings of chaos are short-lived.

2 thoughts on “The Twin Adjustment”

  1. So well said! Twins are one of my wishes when I blow out birthday candles. I’m going to invoke the power of positive thinking and file this advice away for the future…

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