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Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture to document it, but our wonderful 4-Runner officially became too small for our family. Even though it was a seven-seater with a third row (or the way, way back as Renny likes to call it) it was much too cramped width-wise to fit two infant car seats and Maddie’s convertible car seat in the middle. Seriously, it was comical and now I don’t even have the pictures to prove it.

After a few months of trying to make it work I threw my hands up in frustration. I couldn’t get the double stroller to fit if all the seats were down and I was tired of throwing at least one child into the car and crawling over another to snap all the seat belts into place. Once my decision was made there was nothing that was going to change my mind. We had to do something about it. Immediately.

Friday we were still driving around in our old car and by the next day we had traded it in for this Toyota Sequoia. Researched, found, and sold– no time wasted.

We love it. It’s 10 years old and has a bajillion miles on it but it’s still an improvement from our last vehicle, in terms of space. We were sad to see the old car go, but could not be happier with this upgrade. Especially since trading in made our car payments significantly lower. More space for less money? Booyah!

And, yes, I think we have successfully dodged the mini-van. Hopefully once and for all.

6 thoughts on “New Old Car”

  1. I’m right there with you on dodging the mini-van! Yay, for new, old cars……and for families that out grow 4 passanger cars!!!

  2. Yippee! You know that I find your choice a wise one… 🙂 Yea for the no mini-van success! Way to be true to yourself! Love you!

  3. I still call it the way, way back! Warren and I think alike. He’s pretty smart, so I take that as a compliment.

  4. Yay! I needed this image in my mind to complete Lee’s description of hot mom Jeannie about town with her 4 adorable, well-behaved children. I love it. I’m just sad I don’t get to tag along in the passenger seat about the visiting teaching route 🙁

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