Baby Burritos


All of our kids have loved being swaddled before being put to bed. Jacob and Joseph go right to sleep as soon as they’re bundled up in their cozy blankets.

They sleep side-by-side in the same crib. I love to see them snuggled together, two little baby burritos. Both are pretty good sleepers during the day. They don’t seem to mind the hubbub that fills our house with Maddie and Warren at play. In fact, I think it’s rather comforting for them to hear.

And shrill noise doesn’t seem to affect them either. One can be screaming in the other’s ear, if he wakes up first, but the zonked out boy remains asleep.

Now if we can only get them to sleep like this through the night…

6 thoughts on “Baby Burritos”

  1. Do you know my husband has a “Baby Burrito” song that he sings as he swaddles them up? Not his best stuff. Probably a good thing the kids are too young to remember it later.

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