Tie Dye Kids

My good friend, Kaitlin, is incredibly talented at tie-dying just about anything. And she is so generous with her creations. We’ve been the lucky recipients of shirts, onsies, and even crib sheets.

Because she is so sweet, she made shirts for all four kids; matching ones for Jake and Joey, of course. They look adorable in them.


Warren’s Kindergarten class recently utilized her know-how to create their own tie dye clothing. (Her son, Gio, is Warren’s best buddy in the class.) His finished product turned out eye-poppingly amazing. Blue is his color.



Thanks, Kaity!

2 thoughts on “Tie Dye Kids”

  1. LOVE Kaity’s tie dye. Jolie has one particular shirt from her that is now about 2 sizes too small, but it is still very much in our regular rotation. And by the way, I love Warren’s hair. I wish Cal’s would fall like that so I could grow it out a little, but it sticks straight up like a Chia pet, so we have to keep it short. 🙁

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