Allergic Reaction?

Warren and his friend, Gio, were playing in the side of our backyard the other day and ran through some of this stuff.


I have no idea what this brown plant/weed is, do you? Unfortunately, whatever it is it did not agree with Warren. That evening, after stomping through this plant in flip flops, he started complaining that his feet hurt.

The next day, he came home after school with feet looking like this:


Bumpy, itchy hives all over the sides and bottoms of his feet. Poor kid! I felt so awful for him. They were much worse than this picture portrays, too. His hands also had some bumps on them and we started fearing that he had contracted hand-foot-and-mouth disease or something. Thankfully, no fever or any other symptom associated with that virus ever appeared. The hives had to have come from his contact with the mystery plant.

We couldn’t send him to school like that again, so after pumping him full of oral antihistamine and slathering his feet with Benadryl cream, we plopped him on the couch and told him not to move. Easier said than done for a 5-year-old. He built things with Legos off and on but, after awhile, he’d remember he was itchy.

We resorted to the only preoccupation device we were positive would do the trick: television. Though we are not anti-TV, per se, we still try to limit the amount he regularly views. Here we had to make an exception. Since we don’t have TV reception, watching television means commercial-free shows and movies on Netflix or short videos on YouTube.


He absolutely binged on TV viewing for the next 4 days until his feet stopped itching. I could hardly blame him either. What else can numb your troubles like hours upon hours of slack-jawed, glazed-eyed, television consumption? Particularly when it’s something hilarious. He couldn’t get enough of the classic Disney cartoons, especially Donald Duck’s misadventures or the ones where Goofy plays a sport.

It worked. He stayed put, for the most part, and kept from scratching his feet. Eventually, the hives went away but his recovery burned through his entire 4-day weekend. And Colin’s birthday. But we were just grateful that he finally did recover. What a relief when he could walk on his feet again without crawling around the house.

4 thoughts on “Allergic Reaction?”

  1. That’s way worse than hand-foot-and mouth disease. Fevers make my kids tired and still, and there was no itching. I’m glad he’s feeling better!

  2. Poor Warren! And just between you and me…Would you mind sending me some of that plant? What I wouldn’t give for an excuse to spend 4 days chilling on the couch.

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