The Birthday Curse

For the past three years, someone in our family has been sick on Colin’s birthday.

Three years ago, Colin and Warren got a nasty stomach flu that made it impossible for either to enjoy the festivities. Last year, Maddie visited the emergency room which resulted from a virus that she later spread to Colin.

This year, Warren came down with an allergic reaction on the bottoms of his feet. He couldn’t really walk on them, so we didn’t go on any of the outings that we had planned for the four day weekend.

Colin doesn’t want to admit it, but I think his birthday is officially cursed. He claims that Warren’s sickness wasn’t really a sickness since it was hives, but I think he’s just trying to get off on a technicality.

The day wasn’t completely bad but certainly not anything special. I made him crêpes with Nutella and strawberries to cheer him up.

Poor guy. How long does a curse typically last? Maybe it will have run its course by the time he’s forty. I just hope it gets resolved faster than the curse on the Chicago Cubs

4 thoughts on “The Birthday Curse”

  1. Poor Colin. You should surprise him and celebrate his birthday again on some random day. Since there is never school on my birthday, in 9th grade a friend brought me a whole bouquet of balloons in early May. It was hilarious. All day people kept telling me happy birthday :).

  2. Since when I was young, every birthday I was sick or something bad happened. Seems for a year or 2 I skipped it. Today I am 21. Yesterday morning I was completely fine, at night I was not feeling too well. This morning at 4am my son hit my eye with his elbow which woke me up, and now I seem to have the flu… This is my curse…

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