The Ugly Couches


We had been living on the same red Ikea futons we purchased back in our grad school days in Chicago. I wouldn’t even claim that they were furniture– just some seats that served their purpose but had long ago surpassed their true life span. Change was well overdue.

We had been talking about upgrading to a real couch for a long time but couldn’t commit to any particular style or ticket price.

When the twins came along and we started spending more and more sitting time on those things, we knew we had to take immediate action. We wanted to buy the stylish couches we’d been debating for so long, but it came down to one thing: comfort.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. These couches are ugly. We absolutely chose function over form. But it doesn’t matter. When it’s 2AM and I’m falling asleep holding one of the boys, I can rest my head on the high back of the love seat and recline that sucker for maximum effect.

7 thoughts on “The Ugly Couches”

  1. I am no designer and would probably go function over style too. However, they are a rather neutral color and I do like your pillows. So really, they look just fine to me. Then again, this is coming from someone who is stylistically paralyzed. 😉 I’m happy you got some comfy furniture.

  2. I always think comfort should come before design. I think they look great. Anything is better than a Futon anyway. My living room has 3 different couches in 3 different colors so I may not be the right person to comment here.:-)

  3. I am with you- COMFORT BABY! (especially with babies) 🙂 I love your pillows too- put it all together and they are by no means “ugly”!

  4. I like them!! (But we’ve been looking at the nasty Craigslist one since August, so maybe I have no perspective?) Love the pillows too!

  5. Okay I really expected these to be way uglier. I guess compared to the awesome patterned couches some of my friends up here have inherited from mother-in-laws, a plain burgundy couch is really quite beautiful.

  6. Since I hope to get there and be sleeping on the couch soon, I very much appreciate the comfort over style decision. And you pulled it off beautifully with the pillows. It’s all about the accessories!

  7. So the funny thing is that I forgot all about this post until you referenced it in your latest, and I want you to know that while I wasn’t stunned by their beauty, as an impartial observer I did not notice their ugliness when we visited. So they really aren’t all that bad. And you are right – they are comfy.

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