Valentine’s Celebrations

Even though Warren was still recovering from the hives on his feet, we were glad that he had the day off of school. One more opportunity to “veg out” in front of the television. Which was fine since the weather was wintry and dark.

Our holiday was low-key but did have its moments of celebration.

Warren and Madeline each made Valentine’s cards out of hot pink card stock.


Colin made heart-shaped sugar cookies and hand dipped them in chocolate. He is a good man.


After work, Colin, Maddie, and Warren picked up some flowers and dinner at Trader Joe’s, along with about 20 other men who rushed to the store before the holiday was over. They came back with your typical grocery store bouquet that I separated into two arrangements.


I love that two of my boys went to such trouble to get me something pretty. Warren even used some of his allowance money for the purchase, just to make it more special.

Even the Relief Society in our ward went the extra mile to make sure we ladies felt loved. All the women received a chocolate heart glued onto a beautiful quote by Gordon B. Hinckley.


Love. There is nothing as energizing, as confidence building, as sustaining as the power of love. How substantial is its influence on the human mind and heart! How great and magnificent is its power in overcoming fear, doubt, worry, and discouragement! …The virtue of love changes lives– ours as well as those of everyone with whom we come in contact It is the virtue that has embedded within its precepts the power to have the most lasting good.

I may not buy into all the hoopla and commercialism of the day, but Valentine’s Day is a good reminder that I am blessed with many loving people in my life. Love is an important virtue that doesn’t belong to just one day of the year.

And I’m also grateful that celebrating those blessings gives us an excuse to eat a little chocolate.

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  1. Sweet boys! Tell Colin we made the exact same cookies for FHE and the neighbor goodies. I always love an excuse for chocolate dipped anything.

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